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Fence & Decking Repairs

If you have noticed that your fence, gate or decking has broken due to age, weather, or general use in Plymouth, give our team a shout! We can perform all minor gate repairs, fence and decking maintenance. We highly recommend that if you have noticed issues, that you get these looked at as soon as possible to prevent further damage and risks to your security or safety. Furthermore, if your fence, gate or decking needs more than just minor repairs, we can offer you full replacements where necessary, for a convenient and hassle-free service. To discuss your needs, give us a call. 

Decking Maintenance

If you suspect your decking has started to rot, has developed holes or doesn’t feel sturdy to walk on, we highly recommend that you get in touch. Decking that is exhibiting these signs could become quite hazardous and dangerous going forward. This is where we can help, we will replace the rotting panels for your continued safety. Also, we can conduct other small fixes, so you can get back to using your decking as and when.

Gate & Fence Repairs

Similarly to decking, if you have noticed issues with your gate or fence, like rotting wood, stiff and squeaky hinges, fallen fences due to stormy weather conditions or something else, just give us a call. A weakened fence, or gate could pose a risk to your continued security, potentially allowing intruders and animals to enter your property. A broken fence can also look quite unsightly, so we recommend calling us for repairs or even a replacement. With our expertise and knowledge in repairs and maintenance, you can rely on us to make your fence or gate look like brand new again!

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For gate, decking and fence repairs and maintenance in Plymouth, get in touch.

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